TEL: (52) 984-875-7050

• USA: 855 251 0169
• Canada: 844 766 9918
• Mexico: 800 890 2302
• Australia: 1 800 643 733
• Hong Kong, Germany, France,Spain, Portugal and UK: 00800 5893 5893
• Italy: 800 786 026
• Japan: 0120 707709
• Singapore: 00-1 800 5893 5893

Akumal (Cancun-Tulum Highway, km 104), Quintana Roo, Mexico

DIRECTIONS to Las Villas Akumal from Cancún International Airport:

Exit out of the Airport keep to the right, after 2 minutes, you will approach Highway 307; the turn off to the right is before the bridge, follow signs South on Highway 307, toward PLAYA DEL CARMEN and TULUM. Las Villas Akumal is situated about an hour driving from the airport. There are gas stations along the way at Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras. Ten minutes after Puerto Aventuras you will see signs for Akumal Playa and Akumal. Continue south, pass Akumal Beach Resort and you will find a large highway sign on the right that says “Retorno- Las Villas Akumal”. There will be a place to turn around on the highway just a little further up. To make the turn stay in the left lane, with left indicator on, and where you see the sign “RETORNO”, pull all the way to the left and there will be a slip lane and a break in the central reservation. You should always come to a full stop and make sure you can clearly see the highway in the other direction before proceeding to make the full u-turn.

After the turn you will travel about 400 meters back to the north to find our entrance, now on your right. There is also a sign for LAS VILLAS AKUMAL at the entrance. Drive to the end of the entrance road and turn left, about 200 meters up you will find our property, the office is centrally located.

Check in at the reception office in the middle of the building. Reception is open 24 hours.

Check in time: 3pm. Check out time: 12pm. Late check out $20 USD per hour.

Emergency contact: tel. (52) 984 875 7050 or (52) 984 117 1586.